Being a buffet service, you won’t be able to pick what you want. You have access to all services on offer, if you don’t have need for any of the services, you can simply skip that offering and focus on the ones that meet your need.

A representative from each of the registered member pharmacies can attend the mastermind session for free. However, an additional participant from the pharmacy would pay N5000. Non members of the group would pay N10,000

Yes you will. You are entitled to credit points once you have an active membership. Each member you invite who becomes a member qualifies you for one credit point. You can use your accumulated credit points to offset your membership dues. 

If you pay for 3,6 or 12months ahead, you get a 20% discount.

To access the accounting service, you would fill our online accounting form and send the completed template to our financial consultants. If however, you can’t fully populate the template because you don’t have some basic in house book keeping
knowledge, that service could be provided to you on a discounted fee for service basis. Having prepared your monthly management account for 12 months, we would prepare an annual audited report for your business.

Our service only covers tax advisory services. We do not handle tax filings. However, our tax adviser can offer you the service at a discounted rate on a fee for service basis